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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu came from Judo

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“I trained Judo at the Westside academy and was amazed at the technical ability of the coaches.  There were many new students there and they were learning very fast.  I wish all BJJ schools would have this type of program.  Judo is an amazing art, it had been a while since I had trained in judo but he Westside coaches took me to the Mississippi State tournament and I won all 5 matches by Ippon (perfect throw).  I can’t wait to visit this gym again!  Thank you coach Scott, Chris & Garrett.”
Marcio Antonio Oliveira & Fightsports BJJ instructor
A little History on Judo

Judo is the creation of Jigoro Kano (1860-1938). Jigoro Kano was a highly educated man (he is considered the founder of the modern Japanese educational system) that sought to combine and preserve the ancient martial traditions of Japan. Kano refined the techniques he had learned primarily from two traditional systems, the Tenshin Shin’yo Ryu and the Kito Ryu, and founded his own style, Kodokan Judo in 1882. One of the most important innovations in Kano’s Judo was the emphasis placed on “randori” , or non-cooperative free sparring practice. The majority of the ancient Jiu-Jitsu styles based their training on pre-arranged sequences of attack and defense known as “kata” . Although Kano acknowledged the value of kata practice (kata training is present in Judo training to this day), he also realized the absolute necessity of learning to apply techniques in the most realistic manner. Randori allows the practitioner to develop the mindset and technical proficiency needed to apply techniques against fully resisting opponents in as realistic a venue as safety allows. Kano’s new style was put to the test in the famous tournament of 1886, hosted by the Tokyo Police. Of the 15 matches pitting Kodokan Judo fighters against fighters of various classic styles of Jiu Jitsu, the Kodokan won 13 matches and tied the other two. Kano’s hybrid martial art and revolutionary methods of training had proven most effective.

Garret Andrews Head Judo Coach
Coach Dr. Garret Andrews

Winning Gold with his students

1999 Pro Jiu Jitsu Challenge 1st place
2000 Arizona Jiu Jitsu Championship 1st place
2000 Arizona State Judo Championship 1st place
2001 Arizona Submission Grappling Championship 1st place
2001 Arizona State Judo Championship 3rd place
2002 Razorback Judo Championship 1st place
2003 Kansas State Judo Championship 1st place
2003 Oklahoma Oil State Championship 1st place
2004 Kansas State Judo Championship 1st place
2006 Liberty Bell Championship 2nd place
2006 Pennsylvania State Championship 1st place
2007 Pennsylvania State Championship 1st place
2007 Mississippi State Championship 1st place
2008 SubZero 2nd place no gi, 1st place gi
2011 Mississippit State Championship 1st place

Kids Judo Head Coach

Para Olympics

Scott Jones Para Olympian & Kids Coach

Major Achievements:
2008: U.S. Paralympic Team member, Judo – Paralympic Games, Beijing, China
2005: Silver medal – Para World Cup, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Tallebudgera, Gold Coast, Australia
2004: Member, U.S. Paralympic Judo Team
2005: Gold medal – Para Pan American Games, Sao Paulo, Brazil



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